This is Doris. She likes to run the office & design images on stone.

Doris' path of  being an office manager, corporate secretary & in the sales industry has given her the qualifications to search out the local markets to expand our business from retail to wholesale markets.

Our granite business makes it's products from excess granite from countertop fabricatiors. 

We are an eco-griendly company that upcycles granite & marble that is usually crushed into gravel. 

recycling translates into social, environmental and economic benefits for less waste, new jobs and a better tomorrow. 

Our History

JT & Doris have lived in Monroe, WA since 1991. JT worked for years in the computer technical business and Doris’ corporate business background complement each other in developing a business that reinforces the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). In 2009 we researched the recycling market place. We take scrap granite & marble from counter top fabricators.  We purchased a wet saw and started cutting granite into pavers & bricks. We also started designing works of art by sandblasting designs on stone, making unusual pieces for walls and hotplates for the kitchen, man cave and custom décor. We have moved out of the proof of concept stage and opened our design and showroom store in Sultan, WA. We are expanding our recycling business to the wholesale market place offering striking pavers, bricks and fire pits for the outdoors. 

This is JT. He designs & engineers equipment.  

JT takes his technical skills to a different level, designing equipment by reinforcing equipment to be able to cut stone more effectively. He has also redesigned sandblasting equipment to reduce replacement cost on supplies.